There is nothing like coming home to an apartment or home that is decorated just the way you like it. Because your home is an expression of who you are, URBANfusion in Skippback is proud to provide you with the unique, creative pieces you need.

In our last blog, we explored five ways to make a small space look larger. We have five more great tips for you in this blog!

1. Get dramatic with your ceilings

  • Use bright white on the walls to open up the room and then use a dark ceiling to create depth and pull the eye upward. This will create the illusion of height.

2. Don’t fear big furniture

  • It seems logical that a small space should have small furniture, but this is not always the case. A lot of small furniture can make a space feel cluttered. Use prominent, large piece of furniture like a luxurious armchair or couch to keep the room organized.

3. Use a monochromatic theme

  • Paint walls, ceilings, and trim in different shades of a single color like white, beige, or off-white in order to expand your room. The effect of white walls with very pale gray trim will make a room feel especially open.

4. Use pieces with multiple functions

  • Furniture that serves multiple purposes goes a very long way in reducing clutter. Ottomans with storage inside or tough steamer trunks for books do very well.

5. Hold back on window treatments

  • Drapes will make your room seem heavy and small. Either leave your windows bare or invest in gauzy white drapes that will provide privacy while letting light in.

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