At URBANfusion in Skippback, we know that your living space is an extension of yourself. We have committed ourselves to producing high-quality, unique pieces you can use to make your home a place you truly love. In the following two blogs, we will discuss strategies for making a small space seem larger.

  1. Use mirrors
    • Many people are aware of this trick because it really works. Hanging a floor length mirror or multiple mirrors on one wall will open your space up immediately.
  2. Paint with light hues
    • Just like the colors of clothing, dark hues make a room seem smaller. Pale grays and blues as well as white and cream will keep your room air, light, and open.
  3. Space out your furniture
    • Putting furniture up against the wall does not always mean a larger room. On the contrary, breathing space around your furniture will make your space seem bigger. You can use your bed, the couch, or a table to make a floating piece in the middle of the room.
  4. Use foldable tables and chairs
    • Tables with leaves and chairs that can fold and go against the wall make your space dynamic and flexible. It will be much easier to do more!
  5. Color code items
    • A small space is made especially uncomfortable by clutter, but clutter can be difficult to prevent when you are low on space. Try color coding your piles to give the appearance of organization.

There is no limit to how delightful you can make your spaces. Visit us and explore our homewares to discover the possibilities today!

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