New to PANDORA jewelry? Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the options!

When it comes to building your own PANDORA charm bracelet, the options are endless! Not only can you customize your charms, but you also get to pick your bracelet, spacers, clips and more! That is why, in our last blog, we gave you information on a few of the pieces you will need to create your own PANDORA charm bracelet. Keep reading to learn more!

Your guide to PANDORA charm bracelets continued:

#4. Safety Chains

Safety chains are optional, but they are a great choice for every PANDORA charm bracelet owner. That is because they are used to prevent your bracelet from easily sliding off when you remove it. Safety chains are especially important if you have expensive, breakable charms.

#5. Charms

Charms are by far the best part of your entire charm bracelet! They are what allow you to create a bracelet that is truly your own, and they make incredible gifts and keepsakes as well! PANDORA offers hundreds of charms for you to choose from, and the exciting part is that they are constantly retiring old charms and adding new ones to their collection. PANDORA also offers so much more than your typical charm collection. When you shop PANDORA charms, you will find dangling charms, Murano beads and so many more!

Now that you know all about every part of your new PANDORA charm bracelet, you are equipped with the knowledge to create a beautiful bracelet that is all your own. Shop with us today to start building your bracelet.