Are you new to PANDORA charm bracelets? 

PANDORA charm bracelets have taken the world by storm, and once you’ve built your first bracelet, you will see why! One of the best things about PANDORA jewelry is that they are constantly updating their collection, which leaves you with hundreds of options to choose from. With such a big collection, you are sure to create a bracelet that is completely your own, but unfortunately, all of these options can also make it overwhelming to people who are new to PANDORA charm bracelets. Luckily, URBANfusion in Pennsylvania is here to help!

Your beginner’s guide to PANDORA charm bracelets:

#1. Bracelets 

The first thing that you will need to create your charm bracelet is a bracelet! PANDORA offers many options, including sterling silver, gold, two-toned bracelets, leather bracelets and more. Once you find the base of your bracelet, you can start making it your own!

#2. Clips

Clips are essentially beads that never move, and they are used to separate your charm bracelet into three parts. It is important for your charm bracelet to have these three equal parts so that the weight is even on all sides, the charms don’t get caught in the threads and to create a symmetrical look with your bracelet.

#3. Spacers

Each of the three spaces on your bracelet will hold an average of five charms, but not all charms are the same size. Because of this, there is the potential for awkward spaces, but luckily PANDORA has fixed this issue with spacers. Spacers can be utilized to fill in those awkward gaps, plus they also prevent your charms from rubbing against one another.

Learn more about PANDORA charm bracelets when you stay tuned for our next blog.