1. 10 Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger: Part 1

    At URBANfusion in Skippback, we know that your living space is an extension of yourself. We have committed ourselves to producing high-quality, unique pieces you can use to make your home a place you truly love. In the following two blogs, we will discuss strategies for making a small space seem larger. Use mirrors Many people are aware of this trick because it really works. Hanging a floor length…Read More

  2. What Do Different Metals Mean? Part 2

    When you look for jewelry or home decor, is there a certain metal that draws you in? We have been exploring the meaning of different metals to understand what each says about you. Check out silver in our last blog. In this one, we are wrapping up with gold and platinum. Gold is associated with the sun because of its warm, yellow color. Egyptians considered gold to be the perfect metal and gave it …Read More

  3. What Do Different Metals Mean? Part 1

    Is there a certain metal you have always been drawn to? A type of metal you just think looks better? Whether you are buying jewelry or homewares, the type of metal they are made of has meaning. The types of metal you love say a lot about you! In the following two blogs, we will explore silver, gold, and platinum and their meanings. Silver has often been called the “moon metal” because of its …Read More

  4. Why Every Home Needs a Rug Part 2

    Rugs are a great addition to any home, and there are many reasons why.  If you haven't already, check out our latest blog. Our home interiors design experts talked about just a few of the many reasons why rugs are a great option for every home. To recap, we talked about how they add beauty, insulation and comfort. Keep reading to learn about more reasons to have a rug in your home: #4. Rugs provi…Read More

  5. Why Every Home Needs a Rug

    When it comes to homewares in Pennsylvania, nothing is overlooked quite as often as rugs are.  Rugs are a great option for every home, regardless of whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, but you'd be surprised at how many homes don't even have a single rug! At URBANfusion, we make it easy to find all of the best homewares, and we have many rugs that you are sure to love. We believe that ev…Read More

  6. A Beginner’s Guide to PANDORA Charm Bracelets Part 2

    New to PANDORA jewelry? Don't be overwhelmed by all of the options! When it comes to building your own PANDORA charm bracelet, the options are endless! Not only can you customize your charms, but you also get to pick your bracelet, spacers, clips and more! That is why, in our last blog, we gave you information on a few of the pieces you will need to create your own PANDORA charm bracelet. Keep rea…Read More

  7. A Beginner’s Guide to PANDORA Charm Bracelets

    Are you new to PANDORA charm bracelets?  PANDORA charm bracelets have taken the world by storm, and once you've built your first bracelet, you will see why! One of the best things about PANDORA jewelry is that they are constantly updating their collection, which leaves you with hundreds of options to choose from. With such a big collection, you are sure to create a bracelet that is completely you…Read More

  8. Professional Interior Design Tips Part 2

    At URBANfusion, we are your premier source for homewares in Pennsylvania. We have all of the products that you need to make your home look amazing, but how you implement the products is just as important as the products themselves. In our last blog, our experts gave you a few professional interior design tips to help you to get the kind of result that you want. The following is our last few expert…Read More

  9. Professional Interior Design Tips

    We all would love to have stylish homes but unfortunately, getting the kind of home that you want is easier said than done.  It takes a professional eye to get a professional result, but that doesn't mean that you need to run out and hire an interior designer, although by doing so, you can enjoy the very best results. Luckily, URBANfusion is here to help! We are your premier source for homewares…Read More

  10. How to Purchase Furniture Like a Pro

    Here at URBANfusion, we pride ourselves in being a different kind of store. We offer a wide variety of products, including homewares, but we don’t just stop there. Nothing makes us happier than helping our customers find the perfect pieces for their home, but buying furniture is a bit more involved than simply finding a style that you like and purchasing it. Ensure that you find the very bes…Read More