It can be easy to fall into the habit of collecting ideas for decorating your home and then not act on them because of time, cost, or other reasons. The great thing is, a transformation of your space really is not that much work. It is much more accessible than you think.

URBANfusion is proud to provide excellent housewares that enhance any home interior’s design. We have three ways you can instantly change the feel of any space!

  1. Add oversized art
    • Using large art pieces has many advantages. It adds instant interest and depth to your space, and you only have to pound a few holes to hang it! If you cannot afford a framed piece of art, find a large poster and frame it yourself. You will be very pleased with the result.
  2. Add a rug
    • There is no better way to anchor a space than with a rug! You may think it does not make sense to put one in your kitchen or dining room, but there are many durable, inexpensive options for every part of your home.
  3. Add a large plant
    • If you love your neutral color palette but you need to spice up your home, plants are the perfect solution. They inject perfect texture and color. They are also easy to move around and inexpensive to buy. If you are worried about keeping it alive, there are many types of plants that are very low-maintenance.

URBANfusion offers our products online and in-store. Explore our selection and start transforming today!