At URBANfusion, we are your premier source for homewares in Pennsylvania. We have all of the products that you need to make your home look amazing, but how you implement the products is just as important as the products themselves. In our last blog, our experts gave you a few professional interior design tips to help you to get the kind of result that you want. The following is our last few expert design tips!

Interior design tips for your home:

  • The paint color should be the last thing you pick – If you are redecorating a room from the ground up, pick the paint color last. There are literally thousands of paint colors fo you to choose from, and it is much easier to find a paint color that looks great with your furniture than furniture that looks great with your paint color.
  • Don’t overdo it with your furniture – It is tempting to place a lot of your favorite furniture into one room, but really, the best kind of room is one that is easy to move around in. Resist the urge to fill in all of the spaces. If you have too much room, invest in plant life or art!
  • Hang your art like the professionals – It is tempting to hang your art so that it is inline with your walls, but really, art should be hung based on the human scale not on the wall scale. The average eye level for a human is about 57″, which is the height that the middle of each piece you hang should reach.