1. Shop Our Disney Collection!

    At URBANfusion, we know that the holidays are quickly approaching. It’s November, and once Thanksgiving hits, the holidays are just around the corner! Fortunately, we have you covered when it comes to the loved ones in your life who love jewelry and charms. Our selection of PANDORA charms has everything you need to make this the best holiday ever! We know you will love our Disney collection in p…Read More

  2. What Do Different Metals Mean? Part 2

    When you look for jewelry or home decor, is there a certain metal that draws you in? We have been exploring the meaning of different metals to understand what each says about you. Check out silver in our last blog. In this one, we are wrapping up with gold and platinum. Gold is associated with the sun because of its warm, yellow color. Egyptians considered gold to be the perfect metal and gave it …Read More

  3. A Beginner’s Guide to PANDORA Charm Bracelets Part 2

    New to PANDORA jewelry? Don't be overwhelmed by all of the options! When it comes to building your own PANDORA charm bracelet, the options are endless! Not only can you customize your charms, but you also get to pick your bracelet, spacers, clips and more! That is why, in our last blog, we gave you information on a few of the pieces you will need to create your own PANDORA charm bracelet. Keep rea…Read More

  4. A Beginner’s Guide to PANDORA Charm Bracelets

    Are you new to PANDORA charm bracelets?  PANDORA charm bracelets have taken the world by storm, and once you've built your first bracelet, you will see why! One of the best things about PANDORA jewelry is that they are constantly updating their collection, which leaves you with hundreds of options to choose from. With such a big collection, you are sure to create a bracelet that is completely you…Read More

  5. PANDORA Jewelry Makes the Best Mother’s Day Gifts!

    Your mother deserves only the best! There is no one else out there like your mom. She's loved, cherished and made sacrifices for you again and again, without ever asking for anything in return. Moms are truly spectacular people, and if you are looking for a great way to show her how much you love and appreciate her, you have come to the right place. We are URBANfusion, and we are your premier sour…Read More

  6. Your Guide to Layering Necklaces

    Spring is finally here, and it is time to pull out your favorite shorts, tank tops, flip flops and dresses. Whether you prefer a more bohemian style or you like to keep things simple, there is one thing above all else that will make you stand out this spring –PANDORA jewelry! Jewelry is big in the spring, and when it comes to jewelry, there is no other look that is hotter than layering neckl…Read More

  7. Want to Wow Her This Valentine’s Day?

    When many people think of Valentine's Day gifts, they often automatically think of flowers. While flowers may be enjoyable for a time, they will eventually die and wilt --is this the message you really want to send on Valentine's Day? Don't let wilting flowers symbolize the decay of your relationship. Instead, give her something that will last and truly wow her by turning to URBANfusion for PANDOR…Read More

  8. Welcome to URBANfusion!

    Welcome to URBANfuision. We are your lifestyle boutique in Skippack Village, and we believe that every single customer that walks through our door deserves to be treated like a VIP! Whether you are looking for PANDORA jewelry, homewares, gifts or home interior design, there is no better place for you to turn to than URBANfusion. We have combined a dedication to the very best customer ser…Read More