Is there a certain metal you have always been drawn to? A type of metal you just think looks better? Whether you are buying jewelry or homewares, the type of metal they are made of has meaning. The types of metal you love say a lot about you! In the following two blogs, we will explore silver, gold, and platinum and their meanings.

Silver has often been called the “moon metal” because of its cool gray color. In the past, silver was believed to have the power to shield its wearer from negativity by reflecting both sunlight and moonlight. It was also believed to have power over the mind, emotions, love, and healing of whoever wears it. It is a durable, malleable metal. Because of its toughness and willingness to be shaped, silver is a favorite metal for ornamental purposes such as jewelry and home decorations. Not only that, silver is a conductor of electricity and heat. It can be found in chemical reactions, batteries, and more.

Real silver needs to be polished to keep its mirror-like shine. By itself, it is too soft for normal, so it is always alloyed with another metal like copper, zinc, or nickel. Because silver molecules combine with other elements and create tarnish, silver must be polished, and when it is polished, part of the silver is polished away, which eventually wears the silver down.

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