When it comes to homewares in Pennsylvania, nothing is overlooked quite as often as rugs are. 

Rugs are a great option for every home, regardless of whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, but you’d be surprised at how many homes don’t even have a single rug! At URBANfusion, we make it easy to find all of the best homewares, and we have many rugs that you are sure to love. We believe that every home should have a rug, and there are many reasons why:

#1. Rugs are beautiful!

Rugs are beautiful and timeless, and they add an unparalleled level of class and grace to any room. Regardless of whether you have carpet, laminate or hardwood floors, you can add style to any room in your home with a nice rug. With such a wide variety of designs, textures, patterns and materials for you to choose from, you are sure to find a rug that will add your own unique style to your home.

#2. Rugs act as insulators. 

Rugs, just like carpet, help to provide insulation in the room that they are in, which will not only help you maintain a more comfortable temperature in your home, but rugs can also help to buffer noise. Homes that have neither carpet nor rugs tend to be much noisier.

#3. Rugs add comfort.

Nothing will make your feet happier than a soft, plush rug.

Want to learn about more reasons why every home needs a rug? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.