Spring is finally here, and it is time to pull out your favorite shorts, tank tops, flip flops and dresses. Whether you prefer a more bohemian style or you like to keep things simple, there is one thing above all else that will make you stand out this spring –PANDORA jewelry! Jewelry is big in the spring, and when it comes to jewelry, there is no other look that is hotter than layering necklaces right now, but you can’t just pick any two necklaces and throw them together! Layering necklaces is an art! The following is our expert list of tips for layering necklaces:

  • Make a statement – Pair several layers of plain, simple chains with a statement necklace to make the entire look stand out. If you want a more subtle look, pair your simple chains with a colorful stone necklace.
  • Mix and match textures – If you are keeping it simple with your outfit, you can really amp up your style by matching chains with different textures. For example, pair a pendant necklace with a diamond necklace, then top it off with a ball chain!
  • Wear one long, one short – When you want to turn heads, there is no better way to do it than by mixing a short collar necklace with a super long chain. Wear similar styles and colors, so that it looks like you’ve wrapped the long chain around your neck.

Layering necklaces is one of our favorite trends of the spring! Shop with us today to apply these tips to your own look each and every day!